Thursday, August 2, 2007

August is going to be FUN!

Probably my last blog entry for awhile. I've been sick all week, but feeling a bit better. Seems like mornings are the worst, but still making it to the gym. Hopefully I'll continue to feel better today so we can make it to the baseball game tonight. Respect the Mullet and $1 beer night - very high class :o)
We've got 2 family reunions and a birthday party all out of town this month and hopefully some good quality cuddling time with Baby Evan. A big 70th birthday bash for my Father-in-Law in town. Two camping trips (I'm looking forward to these most) - one with my Dad's side of the family down South and one up North in Washington with one of my favorite cousins and her kids and their family friends. Should be a good sized group - they've reserved 10 spots. In the midst of all of that, training and getting enough work done on my scheduled work days that I'm able to keep my loooong weekends free for fun.

Getting where I want to be:
In His peaceful presence,


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KTScroggin said...

I cant believe this guy selling you stuff on your blog. sheesh.

Anyways sounds like you've got a really busy month ahead of you. How is your training going? I'm missing you on the board. LOVE LOVe, kristin

Julie True said...

Hey Kris!! Every once in a while you get a note like that comment and it makes you realize that any freak in the whole world could be reading about your life. Freakyfreaky.

Training is going great, but I'm ready for a change from DC - so since Tracy and I are going to be able to work out together consistently this school season due to schedule changes, and since she prefers to do something quite different that DC, I've ordered Alwyn Cosgrove's AFTERBURN for us. I'm chomping at the bit for it to get here so we can get going with it. It's interval training to the max from what I can tell. Both Skwigg and Julie Berg among others are raving about how much it is kicking their butts. I can't wait to get my butt kicked!!!!!

KTScroggin said...

Trace is still living in Colorado... right? Im confused. Kristin

Julie True said...

Different Tracy :o)
This is my Leanness Lifestyle Buddy I met through David's forum. We've been working out together for almost 3 years now.
Man! Do you keep up with Alwyn Cosgrove's blog? He and Berardi are two of my faves to read. So much info in their brains! Post office says my book should be here soon :o)

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie! Sounds like you are going to have lots of fun in August! Hope you're feeling better. I've got my computer cleaned up...fingers crossed, so I've posted most of my answers on the other board today! Better late than never, right???

How's training going? Are you still walking around in your sassy shoes?!!!!