Sunday, July 29, 2007

Saturday Legs


High Sumo Leg Press LT: n/a TT: 180/21ss

Romanian Deadlifts LT: n/a TT: 185/4, 135/9ss

Back Smith Squats LT: 155/6, 125/17 TT: 155/6, 135/20ss

Abd LT: 150/32 TT: 150/35RP
ADD LT: 150/56 TT: 160/37RP


Melissa H said...

Hey Jules --
Checking in on you. You haven't posted here in a couple of days and I haven't seen you back on the Power Of study. Everything okay?

Julie True said...

Hi Melissa - I've been sick. Made it to the gym last night though and beat all my #s amazingly. Feel yucky again today and I'm supposed to meet Tracy for a workout at 8:00. Hope I feel better by then.

Also doing a lot of thinking and praying with the Max Lucado Bible Study and how it all fits in with blogging/internet and it's focus on ME. I've had some great insights this last week about this life and just what the possibilities are if I'll let God be in charge of me instead of pushing him away to do my own thing. Insights that are hard to even write about - they are so lifechanging for me.

Thanks for checking on me. I'm sure I'll be feeling better by this afternoon (if the workout doesn't kill me) and I'll be able to get some answers and new questions up on the Praying Parent Study for us.


Melissa H said...

Not happy to hear you're sick, of course, but happy to hear that it isn't something major. I immediately thought of your mom when I realized how long you had been gone (for you) and prayed that cancer to stay loooooong gone.