Friday, September 14, 2007

Synchronized Swimming

Tracy and I have been following Alwyn Cosgrove's Afterburn program and just finished up week 3 this morning. I fell over TWICE today. No kidding. If it's not feeling like I'm going to barf, it's just falling over like a fool. I haven't really paid much attention to how we look working out together like this - both doing the exact same exercise at the same time rather than spotting each other and taking turns, but the other other day I did kind of giggle to myself when I took my dazed look to the mirror and saw that we were sitting one behind the other straddled on the same bench doing DB shoulder press in exact perfect time to each other. So today, it really seemed like people were staring at us but it wasn't until a guy came over and asked us if we were synchronized swimmers that I figured out that we were the cause of smirks and giggles all over the gym. Won't stop us, though ;-) I told Tracy we'll know we're really in sync when we both fall over at the same time.
So tomorrow is hill sprints at Tracy's golf course. I'm sickly so I'm totally not looking forward to doing it - especially if it decides to rain...but I'm going for it because I've been getting all hopped up on watching Valerie Waugaman videos at and Adela Garcia/Amanda Savall training videos over at MD In The Trenches.

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