Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dogs Dogs Dogs

Taluka (almost the spitting image of Coda...not sure I could handle that)





Dogs, Dogs, Dogs. I've got the fever. I've been trying to get Steve open to the idea of a new dog almost since Coda died. I let it go for a couple of years and I'm hoping he's emotionally ready for it, so I started bringing it up again. I miss having a dog around - I miss the kind of love they add to a house. I REALLY want a running partner for trail running.

When I started talking about it a couple weeks ago Steve was pretty adamant: NO dogs. Then it changed to: NO puppies. Then when I wanted a yellow lab: NO labs. So now we're back to Siberian Huskies. He's actually acting like he would like another Husky. So I started looking into Husky Rescue Organizations and I spent the better part of Saturday just getting my heart crushed by all the sad stories of dogs that are just simply abandoned. Huskies are a pretty hard dog to bring into the family and I don't think people are prepared when they choose this breed. For me, it's been hard to find one who is 1) good with little kids, 2) won't eat my cat, 3) isn't an escape artist, 4) no medical conditions and 5) lives for running. It seems like most of the rescued huskies that are more inclined to be good with small kiddos and cats are the lovers that like to be your furry couch-potato type of 4-legged friend. I've come up with five in Washington and I've e-mailed the foster home to see if any would match me and I can't wait to get up there for a visit.

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