Friday, November 2, 2007

The Storm Trooper and the Carebear

We had a nice Halloween day. We started off with hitting the gym as usual. Rachel (the kids' very most favorite person at the gym - she even has pics of MY kids on her fridge at home) had worked very hard decorating the Kids Club and organizing Halloween activities. Mai wore her costume ALL day - hood and all - she was quite the sweaty mess. When we headed out to take them trick or treating I put the bowl of candy out on the front porch and figured that in our neighborhood it would be fine. We don't get too many kids. We went up our dead-end to visit about 5 houses and on the way back down stopped back at our house and the bowl was empty! About $10 in candy!! I was steaming mad. We had passed 3 older boys and I know they did it. Several neighbors saw them screaming down the hill like they had goblins on their tails. I hope they all got horrible tummy aches!!!
Well, it didn't really matter since our kids got SO much booty! We just recycled their candy for the few who showed up on our door. I think Steve was pretty disappointed. He REALLY worked on our front porch - it was even too scary for our two nieces to walk up to the front door in daylight last week. Now he's already thinking our our Griswold Christmas...

Check out Mai's vampire teeth...and her werewolf eyebrows. How young is too young to start beauty grooming???

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Melissa H said...

You leave those beautiful eyebrows alone! :-)
The pic of Jack isn't showing up for me, but Mai looks adorable. We did the bowl on the porch thing and I actually expected that it would be empty when we got back.... but it wasn't!!! There was plenty of candy gone, though (which made me happy that the kids did come up and take their share and either they or their parents had scruples about it!)
Just found my POPP book about 20 minutes ago, so I'll catch up this weekend!!!! Excited to get back to it.