Sunday, December 9, 2007


My Grandpa passed away this weekend. He was a wildcat in my eyes. He said more swear words at Thanksgiving dinners than I would hear for the entire rest of the year when I was growing up. He had a keg on tap in the "shop" and the "shop" was a very cool thing to all us grandkids. Pool table, poker table, real bar with real booze and real big people talk. When we were little we got to pour for the elders - if we could do it right, then when we grew up we got to drink with him. He was cool. Very cool. So cool. He wore his baseball caps sideways way before it was hip - like decades before. He could always be found in his hickory shirts when I was a kid. Never remember him in anything but for many years. This picture above was a special occasion - my wedding. He was a fun man - a flirt with a twinkle in his eye for all the pretty waitresses. This thanksgiving we all got to read about him in a local book about legends in the Northwest. I always knew he was a legend!
I'm heading back down to Gold Beach for his Celebration of Life. For all his references to "Jesus Christ" ;) he was not a religious man at all. I think he would be happy with the choice my g'ma has made for us all to gather together. Call your grandparents or loved ones tonight and talk, tell them you love them.


Melissa H said...

Just got a notice that you had updated your blog. So sorry to hear about your grandpa. :-(

Julie said...

Thanks for the thoughts, Melissa. I'm glad I had as many years with him as I did :)