Saturday, January 26, 2008

First Team Training Day

Pics of Mom and Michael that I can't get up on my TNT homepage (grrrr....).
FIRST DAY OF TEAM TRAINING!! What a wet and cold one! The group met at Portland Running for a shoe clinic and then off to run along the waterfront. I had a feeling we were in for some slip n' slide when I left this morning and slid down my driveway trying to get to the mailbox. It's 32 and raining!! What happened to getting snow??

The run was great, though. I was dressed warm and we were out for only 40 minutes. It was slushy in parts but no injuries. Good thing I re-read the schedule and realized we were on the road today and not the trails. I would have made it about 3 blocks in my stiff trail shoes.

I met some very nice people and I'm so excited to get to know them all better during our next 5 months. This is a huge group - the biggest single team group ever, I believe, in the Oregon Chapter. We will have the opportunity to be the highest fund-raising group as well, so that is our goal during this season!!!

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