Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hagg Lake Pre-Run Cancelled

Mom and Dad came up Sunday night so Dad and I could get an early start out to Hagg Lake in the morning for our 15 mile preview run. We were hoping conditions would be close to what they'll be like when we run it next month (muddy). They had 4+ inches of snow at their house when they left on Sunday, but it didn't look like we were going to get any. During the night we got less than an inch, but out in Hillsboro where we were headed, they got more and the commute in the morning was horrendous. We figured it was going to take us at least two hours just to get out there and then obviously the trails would be in quite a different condition. We decided to just skip it and get out to Glendover golf course for a run (very light snow there as you can see from the picture) and be home in time for the kids to wake up to the snow. We did 3 loops - so 6 miles and came home to find Mom and the kids had already built a snowman. My hip was bugging me (from Saturday) but I hit the gym in the evening for my 60 minute bike ride I missed on Sunday and it did ok for me.

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