Sunday, January 13, 2008

Kiara Tackles the Trails - Trail #6 Triple Falls

Kiara Tackles the Trail ~ Trail # 6 ~ Horsetail-Ponytail-Oneonta Triple Falls

Wow!! My pictures don't come close to showing how beautiful this trail was. This was supposed to be my 10 mile slow run day. This was going to be 6.4 miles out and back and then I would head up again and make up the 3+ miles but it turned out to be a better hiking trail today. I'll do my 10 miler on Wednesday on the treadmill and count this as a very long HIIT (run, jog, hike up, slide down, etc etc). I wasn't sure I would see snow but somewhere after mile 2 we hit it and boy, did Ki have a blast! I guess it ended up worth being dragged across the first bridge (she didn't like the slats) for her. She had so much fun in the snow. She would just dive headfirst into snowbanks to cool down. Then she would throw herself down and just roll and roll. I couldn't get a good picture, I was too busy trying to stay on my feet being attached to her while she was doing all this.

The falls were great. The first one is at the trail head. The second one I got to walk behind, and the third had three falls. I was pretty much by myself after the second bridge and should have gone potty like I wanted to, but decided to try to hold it. At almost 3 miles, I finally missed a step crossing a creek and ended up with wet feet, which it turned out didn't matter, since Ki had me cracking up so bad that I peed my pants.

I'll definitely RUN (not run/hike) this trail again this Summer.

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