Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Monday Upper Body

This picture cracks me up! My mom was laughing so hard. Of course, once one grandchild gets a Christmas morning flight, ALL the grandchildren want one! Better her than me.

HS Incline CP
LT: 100/11, TT: 100/12RP

Incline Shoulder Press
LT: 90/17, TT: 90/20RP

LifeFitness Tri Ext
LT: 70/22, TT: 80/14RP

Close Grip Pulldowns
LT: 120/15 TT: 120/17RP

HS Low Rows
LT: 120/7, 100/9 TT: 120/9, 100/13ss

15 Mins on Elliptical

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