Saturday, February 9, 2008



Precor CP
LT: 130/12 TT: 130/16RP

Incline Shoulder Press
LT: 90/20 TT: 100/11RP

Overhead Rope Tri Ext
LT: 100/18 TT: 100/19RP

Close Grip Pulldowns
LT: 120/17 TT: 130/5, 120/5, 120/3RP

Low Rows
LT: 105/8, 90/? TT: 105/9, 90/10ss

Run/walk x 20 minutes (was supposed to go 40 minutes but wore the wrong shoes) and then about 25 mins in the pool which was painfully telling of my skills...glug...glug...glug. I wish I could take a photo right now of how I feel about swimming 1.2 miles, how I feel about doing the tri altogether so that I could compare it with how prepared I'll feel in June. Right now it all feels kind of impossible.

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