Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ki Graduated!!

Well, the 10-12 mile run did NOT happen last night. My legs were SOOOOOOO sore from the leg press on Monday.

First group swim was today. I LOVE it, but I suck - I'm a guppy in a pool full of sharks. Guess I know what I'll be doing most mornings from now through June - laps before anyone even knows I've left the house. I figure if I'm to the gym by 5am, I can be back home by 6 and get all my regular stuff done before the kids wake up.

Today was crazy - downtown for swim at 6:00a.m. - home at 7:30 in time to wake the kids up to meet Tracy at the gym by 8:30 for Upper body and a 60 minute bike ride. Then the regular take kids to school, pick 'em up, take dog to dog park, take dog to her last puppy class (hooray!!) and she graduated and I made her take a funny photo and I'm plain pooped and ready for bed. Swim tomorrow comes early...

HS Chest Press
LT: 100/12 TT: 100/17RP

Cable Upright Rows
LT: 100/22 TT: 110/18RP

Straight Bar Pushdowns
LT: 110/17 TT: 120/6, 110/5, 110/3RP

HS Pulldowns
LT: 140/14 TT: 140/15RP

HS Low Row
LT: 120/9, 100/13 TT: 130/5, 100/9ss

60 minutes on bike

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