Sunday, February 24, 2008

Great Day for a Run

What a day for a mud run! It didn't really rain all week and we woke up to sunny skies! It was probably the least muddy run I did this winter...until the last 5 miles or so - then it was pretty yucky in spots but I truly don't think we would have made it to the end - at least not running if it had been as muddy as usual. I was hot as hell in the clothes I chose but since I had my pockets FULL of stuff I couldn't really take off my jacket. Glad I didn't wear my hat and gloves, tho! It was beautiful weather.

It was a tough course for us two newbies to trail races. It didn't help that right before mile 2 I took a nice strong jump onto a slick bridge and went down hard. I was in too much pain to even be embarrassed. I really did a number on my left hip and knee. My palms hurt so bad and my right elbow was wacky. My dad had a good time with my fall, though, as there are plenty of bridges on this trail and each time we came to one he would have some silly comment for me. Dad took a tumble into the blackberry bushes in one particularly slick spot, but his only other injury was from eating too many potato chips at the second aid station. We ran across the finish line together at 3:08:54 and were just thankful that we weren't doing another lap with my sister-in-law, Jeannie. Her 31 miles finished at just under 7 hours - OUCH!

So the first pic is Jeannie starting out at 8:00am for her 50k. Second pic is Dad and I trying to forget our pain with some beer - pizza and chips and more beer followed as we reminisced nonstop until boredom for my brother, mom and Steve. Third pic is of the men in skirts - something for people to chase ;)

oh - and the pic of me kind of shows my new short hair - but it's wet and unstyled, so....


Melissa H said...

So proud of you. :-)

Kristin said...

So awesome! You are AMAZING Jules!!

PS. Diggin the new hair