Monday, March 3, 2008

Playing Catch Up

Lots going on last week and I can't believe how little I've been blogging. Let's see, this last picture is of Mom and Mai on Jack's scooter last week. I love how my mom gets down and plays with the grandkids! First pic is of the group before the run on Saturday at Vancouver Lake. After 75 minutes of running there were the most delicious home made lemon pastries I've ever had the pleasure of enjoying. Wish I could have gone to breakfast with everyone, but the kiddos were too sick, so I headed home.

The three pics of Ki are on the muddiest, rainiest, most hail dogpark day in history. She had a 1 year old labradoodle that kept her running and busy for over an hour. After max the doodle went home she was left to play by herself for the most part. I couldn't get her to come to me for anything and rather than trying to chase her all over the dog park trying to catch her and looking the fool, I just let her dig a HUGE hole for about a half an hour. I figure that's one hole to china that's not in my yard - and THAT IS A GOOD THING!

Weekend workouts: Oh, first I just want to say that Jillian Michael's making the cut workouts are even more awful than the Afterburn ones. I thought I would die - either from the workout or from just sweating to death. We've only done one - maybe another on Wednesday if Tracy and I manage to hook up.

Saturday a.m. 75 min run with the tri group up at Vancouver Lake. Then gathered up the whole family(fed them tylenol and told them they were feeling better) to hit the gym for lifting followed by swimming laps.

Precor CP
LT: 130/12 TT: 130/17RP

HS Shoulder Press
LT: 120/8, 100/3, 80/7 TT: 120/16RP

Lifefitness Triceps
LT: 85/5, 80/4, 80/3 TT: 85/13RP

Close Grip Pulldowns
LT: 135/5, 120/5, 120/3 TT: 135/5, 120/6, 120/4RP

Lifefitness Low Row
LT: ?? TT: 130/7, 100/10ss


Lifefitness Bicep Curls
LT: 70/17 TT: 75/5, 70/7, 70/5RP

Calves on leg press
LT: 180/9 TT: 180/8ss

Seated Leg Curl
LT: 90/27 TT: 100/23RP

Leg Press LT: 500/6, 410/15 TT: 500/7, 430/17ss

followed by 20 mins on the treadmill on 15 incline. My dad and bro and I are climbing St. Helens in April so I need to start adding incline walking in a lot more.
Laps in the pool again.

This afternoon I practiced a bit of golf - Ladies Night starts up again in a couple weeks!!! HOORAY!

The bible study is going great. I went to lunch with one of the women on Thursday and just felt really blessed to have her input on some things and also to realize that she is just a woman with a life and her own set of troubles just like me and that I need to quit thinking that everyone has it together so much more than I do. On the other hand, she is really a wonderfully open Christian woman who is living a life of honor and I enjoyed her company immensely. The study itself is AMAZING!!!!! I thought the first 1/2 about Daniel's stories was just wonderful but now that we're getting into the prophesy and end times stuff - I'm just mesmerized.

Ok, I guess that's enough for now. I did a 20 mile ride today - it was supposed to be longer, but it wasn't happening. I waddled home and Steve started laughing when he saw me. He said I had bun legs and that they were so swollen it looked like I don't even work out at all. I wondered why they were rubbing together so bad as I left the gym today. They are SOOOOOOOO puffy and overtrained right now.

Oh ya - Steve ended up in the ER yesterday after he crashed his dirtbike. He's fine - hit his head real good (but was wearing his helmet!! good boy!!) and thought he broke his hand but it's not - Pretty swollen and ugly, though. that's enough.

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