Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Leg Day


DB Curls
LT: 25/21 TT: 30/7, 30/3 & 25/4, 25/5RP

Lying Leg Curls
LT: n/a TT: 80/8, 70/6, 70/6RP

Hack Squats
LT: 180/5, 140/22 TT: 190/5, 160/16ss (Got a BAD way too intense headache doing my 16th rep so I stopped)

Seated Calves
LT: 70/6, 45/3 TT: 70/5, 45/6ss
Calves are not getting the workout they deserve. My feet are cramping up way before my calves are exhausted. Need to try a new pair of shoes on leg day.

30 mins on the bike.

Took my bike into RiverCity today to see what they can do to turn my mountain bike into a "tri" bike - at least as much that will get me up that mountain. I'm changing out the tires and getting clipless pedals. My chain is rusted so that will be replaced. Everything else seems to be working decent. I'm excited to get it back and give it a run.

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