Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hump Day

How does time fly this much faster when you are old? Do you remember how long a week would take when you were just a kid? My life seems to revolve around month end reports as I get older. Every month when I realize it's time to do my business reports it seems like I just finished them up a week ago, yet in reality it has been 30 days! I MUST find something more wonderful to base my time table on.

First pic is Mai on the run for Easter eggs. Second pic is with HER baby "Oven". She was so proud to feed him by herself. Third pic is the Lego Star Wars ship (485 pieces) that Jack put together BY HIMSELF when he was sick and stuck at home.

Let's see - I don't remember much before last Friday. Friday was a good 20 mile bike followed by 20 laps in the pool. Saturday was an 8 mile trail run with Ki - We ran the back side of Leif Erickson so I would call it a new trail for her and should have had my camera along to do be able to do a "Kiara Tackles the Trails" entry, but I did not since she wasn't supposed to be on the run with me. I was dropping her off at the kennel at 7am before my 8am run with the TNT group, but the kennel didn't open until 9. Whoops! This is so typical of me. I also didn't know exactly where the group was meeting so I found them late and although some hadn't started running yet, we can't have dogs on the runs and I had my new car, not the truck, so I was afraid to leave her in it for fear of chewing my car to pieces, so we went off on our own. Everyone else ran Wildwood and we opted for Leif.

The kids and I headed to Eugene after that to hang with the family and color Easter egss. We went to Ron and Jenny's church Sunday and then over to their house for a wonderful brunch. We had a good time and then headed home for my 40 mile hilly ride. I got about 17 miles into it and then slammed a gel and then headed back towards the bike path near my home ~ which turned out good since I ended up with massive GI distress ( from the gel? from too much chocolate at my moms? I don't know) and after riding up and down the bike path for about 7 more mile doubled over in pain, I headed home. Quite a bit short of my 40 miles, but I later found out the rest of the group only did about 34 and it took them close to 4 hours!! Geez! They were obviously doing A LOT of hills.

Monday I swam but didn't count laps - still wasn't feeling that great. Tuesday I finally did my 20 minute track time trial since my lungs are back to normal, then I swam my 20 laps in 26 minutes - so a bit better! - but I pulled a muscle in my chest (ouch). I still can't figure out why my breathing sucks so bad! It's irritating. I made a promise to myself that I would make it to group swim at 5:30am this morning no matter what so I could discuss with Coach Jane, but then Mai was up with an ear ache and well...getting up early didn't happen. Bummer - 'cause there was a newspaper reporter/photographer there today and I thought with my bright pink cap and goggles I just might make the papers ;-)

I'm feeling even more out of sorts than last week. If I could just get the breathing part down on swimming I could concentrate on technique, which would be stellar. The biking of hills is still a mystery to me. I feel like the rest of the team has a much more solid base now than me, and I'm having so much trouble getting to the group gatherings for help.

Today my plan is to just relax, enjoy, keep it simple, don't stress on what has passed and been missed, just focus on what I can do in the next three months to improve and ensure that my body is effective in this race. I have upper body and a spin class on the books for noon.

We leave for Hawaii in exactly two weeks! I can't wait to melt into the hot sand for a nice long nap.

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