Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday - I've lost track of everything

After two weeks of sick kids and myself getting sick, I think we're finally coming out of it! I ended up taking Mai to the ER Monday night but after waiting there for two hours, she just wanted to get to bed, so we left without being seen. Every time I think she's getting better, she ends up having a bad night. This particular virus affects the legs. She had been waking up screaming for two nights that her legs hurt and I couldn't figure out why, but eventually found out lots of other kids are complaining of the same thing. Poor babies! I finally got a workout in last night that didn't suck - an hour on the bike and 20 laps in the pool.

I'm nervous about the upcoming weekend. We have a group ride at Mt. Tabor on Saturday and it's going to be nasty wet weather. What I'm worried about is that it is a "Mt." I hope my lungs can handle this. Coach e-mailed us that we're doing a short part off it called the race route. "It's an easy climb and easy descent, half mile each... but you are going to repeat them back to back for 45-60 minutes with mentors watching your form. It's a great fun workout and a great buildup to the long climbs to come. Don't fear this workout team, climbing and descending are fun. They are what make biking in Oregon beautiful. Embrace them!!!!" So I have no lung capacity for the uphill and I'm deathly afraid of going fast downhill on my bike - looks to be a wonderful morning ;-)

My brother just started running again (two kids under know what he's been doing!) and within about two months has worked his way back to 7:00 and some odd change minute miles. Grrrrrrr. Do I even want to go there? It seems like such hard work, when 9:00-10:00 minute miles are so fun. Guess I won't offer to run the Eugene 1/2 marathon with him. He'll be home and showered before I ever cross the finish line. I am still thinking about doing it though since lots of our team are doing it as a training run. I think Dad is going to do it, too, so it would be a family event.

Hopefully I'll be back to updating more often now that I'm feeling good enough to workout again!

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