Monday, April 28, 2008


I don't remember too much about the last week of workouts. After the foot trouble from the run last weekend, I took a week off from running which really helped resolve the problem for the most part. I believe I did swim twice, lifted twice, and did a 25 mile ride. Saturday was our first group brick workout (ride then run) and I was SO SO SO looking forward to it. I was stuck with the car since Steve needed the truck to pull his dirtbike and when I went to get the bike in the car Saturday morning I couldn't get the front brakes off in order to remove the tire. After a frustrating 20 or so minutes, I gave up and hopped on and went on my own ride of 25 miles (about two hours) and then moved on to my 5 mile run with a 4 minute transition time. The day was beautiful and I actually ran faster than usual pace of late, which surprised me. Dad and Steve fixed my bike last night so I can actually get the tire off now in case of a flat.

Sunday was a rest day (except for a 50 minute swim) so that I would be well rested for my 55 miler with Dad out at Hagg Lake today. Forecast was for rain (after such a great weekend: pooh!) and we headed out to the lake in a good bit of rain but once we arrived, not a raindrop fell. We had a great time. Each loop of the lake is 11 miles, so we did 55 hilly miles in sunny and warm weather. BEAUTIFUL!!

The first loop was terrific. We got up to 32 mph on the last hill which was a HOOT! Then we went around for a second loop and my head was KILLING me - so bad I thought I might puke. We made it to the final hill again and got up over 33 mph this time.

I grabbed some ibuprofen and by the time we finished the third loop my headache was long gone and we did another fun descent with a bit of a scare for me when I thought a big log truck wasn't going to do a full stop at the stop sign.

Loop 4 was the hardest for me mentally. I knew we still had so far to go and my butt was aching, as well as my neck and right elbow. Right before we started the fun descent, a school bus tried to take me out and shook me up a bit so I rode my breaks the whole way down.

FINALLY>>>>we got to the final loop. Dad was doing so well! He said this was going to be a cool down loop, but we stayed good and strong all they way through. I did that last descent and cried at the bottom of the hill before making my way back up to the truck.

It was a special ride with my awesome dad and I'm SO VERY GLAD TO HAVE SPENT THE DAY WITH HIM JUST RIDING AND RIDING AND CLIMBING AND DESCENDING and I feel awesome to finally have a long ride under my belt.


Anonymous said...

ahh the elusive perfect transition. Seeing all that stuff laid out on your table reminded me of it. You're awesome. Doing GREAT! :)


Anonymous said...

Wow Julie! I am just in awe after reading the last post. So how long does a day of riding with your dad take? And I'm sorry...since when did a rest day also contain 50 minutes of swimming!!! Bwahahahahaha

You're crazy...but I'm still your biggest fan!!!!


Julie said...

Hi Kris and Helen :o)

Helen ~ Dad and I were out there for 4.5 hours.

My ride today was 5 hours even.

That. Is. A. Long. Time. To. Be. On. A. Bike. (if you ask me ;o)