Saturday, May 3, 2008

Ride Around Clark County


Today was my first organized bike ride ~ Ride Around Clark County. We did the 65 miles but it ended up being more like 67.5 and took exactly 5 hours. The TNT group met up at 8am but Sheryl, Abby, Michelle and I didn't get going until almost 9:00. Abby had flat front and rear tires before we even got on the road but finally we had a ride where no one got a flat on the ride!! HOORAY!!

I went into this race thinking it was a completely flat course but upon arriving was told that it is even tougher than the Pac Crest course, so I had a bit of surprise in all the hills. I would say it was easier than Hagg Lake because of all the long straight stretches and downhills but there sure were a lot of uphills, too! I had the BEST ride - felt energized, exact right amount of clothing on - not too hot, not too cold, and I was fueled properly - didn't once feel weak from hunger or thirst, but my QUADS!! Oh my gosh! At about mile 41, they started to cramp. I was afraid they were going to downright bust out of my skin.

Fortunately at mile 42 we had an aid station so we stopped and stretched and had a bunch of goodies before heading on down the road. (side note: Trail Putty - best darn concoction I've tasted for endurance food. It's a mixture of chunky peanut butter, honey and powdered milk. MMmmmmmmmmmmm good ~ I plan on making a lot of this in the next two months). About 3 miles further I decided to take some advil to see if it would relieve the quad pain and it seemed to help quite a bit.

I seem to hit my stride around mile 45. If it hadn't been for the quad trouble, I think I would have done fine on the 100 mile course today.

I was at REI yesterday ( my FAVORITE STORE IN THE WHOLE WORLD) and tried on a couple of bike skirts. I've been riding bareback in the hopes of getting my butt prepared for the minimal padding the tri suits offer, but these skirts are sooooo cute and my butt is sooooo sore that I think I'm going to fork over the excessive amount of cash required to own this sweet little thing.
Shebeest SB Cycloskort - Women's - Black

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Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,

I have been following your training and enjoy reading about all the "fun" you are having. Love the bike skirt!