Friday, April 4, 2008

pooped...and this week isn't over yet

Today was supposed to be an "easy" 45 minute run so I decided to take advantage of it and use it as a steep incline treadmill walk in preparation for our climb of St. Helens. I was trudging away when a trainer came up to me and asked what the heck I've been doing at the gym so much lately, so I explained the triathlon and also St. Helens and asked if he would suggest the treadmill walking or the stepmill (please say treadmill walking, please) and he said BOTH. Plus he said, add in some really tough setting elliptical so I can work my upper body in preparation of carrying a pack. So off he sent me on my mission: 15 minutes treadmill walking on 15incline, 10 minutes tough elliptical using my arms, 10 more on the treadmill while waiting for a stepmill to open up and then 10 minutes on the stepmill. I was TOAST!
Then off to the pool which would have been better done first, but oh well...

Warm-up, 5 minutes

100 Fartlech drill― go easy until you feel like going fast! Then go fast until you feel like going easy again. In short, bursts of speed to get the blood pumping.


*fist freestyle, karate, a-ok, relaxed hands

For fist freestyle you make a fist and swim that way. Karate you fold your fingers and thumb to your palm and a ok is when you make an okay sign with your hands and swim that way.

*catch up freestyle, half catch up

Catch up freestyle is when you keep one arm straight out in front of the other one until the arm you are stroking with is in front of you. To make this movement, slap one hand with the other.

Newer to swimming:

12 x 25s, 1 fist, 1 karate, 1 ok, 1 regular. :15 rest


1 x 50 catch up up half catch up freestyle.

1 x 75 swim with buoy: tuck your rear and roll, moving hips out of the way for your hands. Feel your pull grabbing the water throughout.

1 x 100 swim: light, quick arms. For this one you just let your arms go as fast as they can.

*Swim entire set 3 times. Be sure to REST :20 between each distance.

8 x 25s long glide free, :10 rest between. Long glide freestyle is when you take some extra kicks before taking the next stroke. Kind like a pause.

Warm-down with bobs. Bobs are when you go under the water and release all the air in your lungs and come back up.

Total mtrs:


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