Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm a Rock Star

Oh, what a difference a week filled with prayers makes!!...and wearing my wetsuit around the house to get used to the restrictive feeling. We had our open water swim again at Vancouver Lake last night. It was 10 degrees colder than last week!!!! (about 62 degrees). Somehow this did not affect me at all. I went into last night a bit different than the week before. I stuck close to Melanie so I would have a friendly face close by at all times. We got there VERY early and just lounged around on our towels shooting the breeze with a bunch of people and laughing and sharing stories from last week and I realized that I was far from being the only one struggling with wetsuit/open water issues.

Coach Dano started off by saying he was going to split us up into two groups ~ one who wanted to really swim a good distance and one group of people who are feeling like they just wanted to continue getting used to the water and the suits. I was AMAZED at how many people were in my group. It REALLY helped to know that I was in a group of people feeling the same as me - last week I was in a group of good swimmers that left me in the dust.

We did actually swim a fair bit of distance and I had NO problems at all. Well, I had eaten a bunch of garlic bread right before so there were a couple times when I tried to hold stinky burps in and this proved to not be smart, so I just started letting them rip for comfort. Melanie said she was peeing on all of us every 10 minutes or so. Triathletes can be so gross :o) I wonder if she'll be able to pee on the bike so easily.

We worked a lot on sighting and I was surprised that it came fairly easy to me. It was a fun night and the exact opposite of last Monday. PHEW!!

We have our first "mock tri" this coming Saturday so now instead of dreading it, I'm actually looking forward to it!!! Hooray!!!