Monday, May 5, 2008

Mama, you are sure ONE STRONG WOMAN

I was amazed on Sunday that I had absolutely no ill effects from the bike ride on Saturday. My 13 mile run was as if I had rested on Saturday. It was a beautiful day and when I finished my run I got out in the backyard to pick up a whole bag full of toys that have been half eaten by Ki over the winter and then pulled a dead tree out of the ground with my bare hands and hauled it up the hill. Jack told me in awe " Mama, you are sure ONE STRONG WOMAN!" which kept me going good for about a half an hour before Mai asked to go down her little slide with her and then said, "Oh that's right, you can't - YOUR BUTT IS TOO BIG!". Hmmm. I guess she was trying to keep my big head in check.

When we were at REI on Friday, Mai informed me she needed a basket for her bike so that she can store her powerbars and water bottles for her training rides. She also needed a horn to beep at people who get in her way during her triathlon. She also needed bike shorts, bike gloves and the kids pink camelbak that she found, but I had to put my foot down at some point. I threw in some tassles to make up for it, though. She's one happy biker.

I'm still waiting to hear back from my brother,Ron, on how his race went. He did the Eugene Half Marathon yesterday and I've heard he did it a minute faster than he predicted so I'm betting he's happy! I know it will be much faster than I did my 13 miles in - I can't wait to find out HOW MUCH faster. It should give me a good laugh.

Today Tracy and I are doing legs, I believe. Then tonight I'm back in the pool. Can't wait to try some new ideas out.

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