Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mothers Day HIke

Today was Tracy's Annual Mother's Day Hike at Dog Mountain. First pic from left to right is Luke (Celeste's cousin), Celeste (new friend from the gym. Her twin sister is a figure competitor), Mary (you should see her nekkid...well, in gym clothes - WE should all look so good and she is in her 60s), my Tracy (workout partner) and in front is our spin instructor, Vickie.

We knew it might be too early for the wildflowers galore that should be there and we were right. It was just such a cold winter and oh so much snow. In a couple weeks these hills will be filled with amazing color, but today was just too soon. We at least expected the weather to be good since we're supposed to be up into the 90s by Thursday, but again, we couldn't catch a break. I will say that it didn't rain (much) and so that was terrific, but the wind was whipping around so bad up there that as soon as we hit the summit, we scarfed down our sandwiches and headed back down shivering. Took us 3 hours total which was better than I expected so when we got back into town I hit the gym for a 15 minute spa to get heated back up and then jumped in the pool for laps. Did 2000 meters and headed home. Time to walk the dog and then I'm calling it a day :)

We get our wetsuits at the morning group swim tomorrow so I'll be sure to hit that at 5:20am. So early? And it's downtown so I have to be out of the house by 4:50 AM to get there on time. Yawn. Big Yawns. I'm sure I'll be wide awake once Coach Jane gets us going, though. I dread these workouts. Hopefully my work in the pool this last week will help in group swim.

That's it for now, I guess. American Idol tonight :o)

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