Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dazed and Confused

I'm so ...(yawn)....tired.....

Either I'm coming down with something or this last week of workouts is catching up to me or both. I had a great 10 mile run yesterday - met up with Tracy at Oaks Park to run along the Springwater Corridor. We did 2.5 miles out and back so she could stop at 5 and then I turned around and did it again for a total of 10 miles. At about 3pm I hit a huge wall - just exhausted. I managed to make it up to Washington for the group swim even though it was raining and Melanie decided she would rather go on a date with her husband than carpool with me (what's wrong with her ;-) ???

We swam at a new place in Vancouver - Klineline pond and it is TOTALLY EASY TO FIND yet I was so exhausted and dazed and confused that I drove by it twice looking for it - Um...Julie? It's a big wet pool of water right off the side of the road. See where there are docks and people fishing and fellow teammates in wetsuits? Ya ~ THAT place right there. Ok Ok.

I surprised myself with a strong swim twice around the pond for a total of 1000 meters before heading home and crawling into bed. A group of people went ahead and did another lap after our clinic but I squeezed myself into the park bathroom with about 10 other girls who wanted out of the rain and had fun listening to this funny group of people changing from wetsuits to street clothes. Much better than the last couple of weeks of having to change out at the lake in front of everyone trying to hide at least some bits and pieces under towels and such until they open up the bathrooms there.

Today I am just plain pooped. My head is cloudy and my ears are just on the verge of hurting. I feel like I'm in a dream and need to just go to bed ~ alas that is not to happen today. Work. Kids. Laundry. - in that order. I'm completely surprised there is no workout on the calendar today but I'll take it!! Sleep...I need sleep. A full 8 - no make that 10 hours of sleep...

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