Saturday, May 31, 2008

Vancouver Lake Mock Tri

First triathlon ~ DONE! Thanks for checking on me, Melissa!!

Boy, I went out fast on the swim. Too fast with no warm up. I watched Jack at swim lessons the other day with his arms flailing to his sides as his head sunk under water and as I was swimming today, that was how I felt. On the bright side - I don't remember even worrying about taking a breath - I actually don't remember much of it at all - just that we were back at shore before I knew it. We didn't have timing chips or anything so everything but the bike is a bit of a guesstimate.

It was an olympic length race - or close to it (shorter swim, longer bike - I was out there for a bit under 3hours and 15 mins.

800m (.5 mile) swim ~ 18 min
T1 ~ 3 min
27.20 mile bike ~ 1:42:47
T2 ~ 3 min
6.2 mile run ~ 1:06:00 (included a potty break)

Overall it was a good experience. I was happy with the swim but will try to start out slower tomorrow - also warm up quite a bit more. I forgot to put my gloves on at T1 and my left arm fell asleep early on and never really woke back up. Because I was so overtaxed from swimming too hard, I was unable to stomach any food or drink for almost 45 minutes into the bike ride and I messed up my nutrition all the way through - nothing sounded very good. I should have pushed myself harder on the run but it was still a decent time and honestly it seemed more fun to go slower. Both cheeks (the ones on my face) kind of went into a weird paralysis at about mile 3. No idea what it was from. Went away about 10 minutes after I was done with the race.

I have to just embrace that I'm a back of the pack girl. At least for now, because not much is going to change in the next 4 weeks. I would like to blame it on the fact that I'm on a mountain bike and today really wondered how much faster I would be on a road bike. I'm the only one on the team with these big fat tires and I catch heck for them often. My legs are strong so I think that when/if I do get a road bike I might be really surprised with what I can do. I only passed 3 people and I was passed by dozens upon dozens. Embrace the fun of being in the back, Julie. EMBRACE IT! ENJOY IT! HAVE FUN!

So I did have lots of fun and it's nice to have it under my belt. Next weekend's big work out is a 75 mile hilly ride - going up Larch Mountain again - to the top this time if there's no snow. Weekend after that is the Blue Lake Olympic Tri and then two weeks later it's Pac Crest Baby!!

So with Steve gone I had to run home to let poor Ki out of her crate, take a shower, run over to pick up the kids and hit the bank and then grab a few groceries to get us through the weekend. I didn't eat after the race (DUMB!) and I almost passed out (after almost strangling the kids several times to the crinkled up faces of passers by giving me a silent tsk tsk) at the grocery store. I picked the "family friendly" aisle thinking since I had kids they would try to speed up the process and it was the slowest line in the store. Almost made it out of the store before ripping open a bag of Ruffles and shoving two handfuls into my face. mouth is now ruined from so much salt, but I feel tons better!

Have cousin Carley coming over soon to help out with the kids tonight while I get month end stuff done for the business and then I'll have a new race report for you tomorrow after the Hagg 1.2 mile swim and 10 mile run.


Melissa H said...

Boy, you really do love to beat your body up. LOL Numb arms, paralyzed cheeks, raw salt mouth.... and let's do it all again for the next 3 weekends in a row! ROFL

Seriously, I'm so amazed by you. You should be proud of yourself. I know that you have that competitive personality, but this was your first tri (and it was a biggie!) Be proud of that!

As for the kids and the passersby? I laugh at the idiots in the stores. Walk one day in my shoes and then see if you know exactly what you would do with my child. ;-)

Cheryl said...

Great Job Julie!!

I really envy you - I so want to try a Tri! Problem is, I don't really have access to a pool where I can consistantly swim laps.

You are not only doing something you really want to do - you are making a difference through TNT. Thanks you for being who you are and showing us how loving and caring we can all be!

Great job and good luck in you upcoming workouts and races. Take care!


Well Behaved Krissy said...

I'm so proud of you Julie. You have done so many amazing things. Just think of the wonderful legacy you're leaving for your kids. Just think of the amazing things they will do too. Awesome