Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lunch and the Kids Play

A pic of the kids acting out a play from Mai's Princess Bible on Sunday. Jack is the king wearing the tin foil/metrx box crown and Mai was Namaan? from the story in Isaiah - she obviously has a skin disease. They LOVE acting out these stories!

2nd pic is lunch - Enchilada Soup. LOTS of garlic and onions. Hope I survive...


Anonymous said...

Julie they are so cute!!! Princess Bible? That is adorable!!! does Jack have a Prince one? That soup looks amazing. Is that in EFL...I need to pull that out and see! I'm getting a bit bored of my vegetarian vegetable over and over again!!!!


Julie said...

Hi Helen. Jack's is God's Mighty Warrior Bible. AWESOME bibles for little kids.
Yes, the recipe is in EFL cookbook. I also use LOTS of red pepper in this one to spice up the flavor. I don't usually put any of the tortillas in while it's cooking (I think it calls for one half of the tortillas to be cooked IN the soup...it does make the soup consistency different), but I prefer to use up my carbs with crispy tortillas on the other side.