Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jack's First Day of First Grade

BUSY TIMES lately. Work is outrageously busy and school started today. Not sure if this is good or bad on my schedule yet. I'll actually have two kids in school at the same time for 2.5 hours three days a week - different schools, though - so you have to account for car time. Jack was actually nervous this morning about starting first grade and he just doesn't get nervous. Poor boy. I think he's going to have a blast! His school was remodeled this summer so it's like starting at a brand new school. Smells better, too.

The kids have been spending HOURS upon HOURS in their room working on K'NEX projects. They built several things this week including a lawn mower (first pic) and a grandfather clock that actually moves the hand pieces (pic three). Mai showing off her new striped outfit in pic 2, Jack and Mai getting ready to take Jack to school this morning in pic 4 (I love this one of them). Jack likes the ladies, and it's a good thing as he is at a table full of 'em in pic 5. Pic 6 is my new shorter haircut - straight out of the shower with no make- up...feel like a boy. Def need to start wearing a li'l make - up. Mai got a nice close up of me -yikes and scary!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe our kids are in the same grade. Blair started Gr 1 today too. He was SOOOO excited and then fear struck him as his line up entered the school and left me behind. I did sneak in of course and watched him find his desk - he spotted me and was then fine! Julie they are both SO cute!!! I'm going to look up that Warrior Bible for Blair - sounds great.
Love your hair too! You are so lucky you can "do" shorter hair. I've hidden behind my hair for years so now I'm afraid to come out!!!

Julie said...

Helen ~
I don't know if I can actually "do" shorter hair. I hid behind mine for too many years, too and I have to say, I feel like a HUGE burden has been lifted off of me since going shorter (and shorter...and shorter...)

How did Blair's first day go? Jack was so disappointed that the playground isn't rebuilt yet, but he seemed to like his first day ok.

Melissa H said...

Okay, first -- love the short 'do! I can't carry off short hair and I'm so envious!
Second, you know that I think Jack is a handsome devil, right? But, that Mai?! That girl is edible!! I love the pic with Mai's little feet turned in! She is just scrumptious. You make me want a girl. :-) (oh - ain't gonna happen...LOL)

Well Behaved Krissy said...

I love the giant completely blank calendar in the background. Sneaky suspicion that might be changing. Also, I'm diggin the do. It makes you look younger and fresher!

Julie said...

HaHA about the calendar - I think there WERE a few things penciled in there, but I had just hung it up that morning as I realized my world was about to drastically change with school and sports starting and only having my schedule in my phone is just not going to work - gotta let the husband see JUST HOW MUCH stuff I got goin' on...
...and just how much stuff he can help with ;o)

Re the DO: I feel like a young boy - good or bad, I'm not sure - but young has to be good, right? right!

Anonymous said...

HA...you are no where near being a boy! I giggled about the calendar too Krissy!!! I thought that was maybe her "wishful" calendar and her "real life" calendar was too heavy with ink to be stuck to the fridge!!!
1st week of school under my belt and I crashed last night after work. How did you make out? Blair is happy happy, and Joey (2nd year college now) was happy too...why not when you're legal to go to pub night?