Friday, August 1, 2008

Pac Crest Pics

I finally got the pics of Dad and I on the bike portion at Pac Crest. I was delirious at this point, thus the crazy grin. I think I was trying to wave at the photographer - I'm surprised I didn't fall over. Dad's already talking about doing a full Ironman. I don't know about THAT, but I'm definitely all over Pac Crest 2009!!!

Things have been pretty uneventful around here. I'm in a big gap of nothing in terms of workouts or events. I called off Hood to Coast - with Jack being so sick for two weeks and Steve not feeling well for so long, I just wasn't getting in the time for runs. I was scheduled to do an olympic tri tomorrow but we're having family over to celebrate the kids' birthdays so I canceled that, too. I haven't been hitting the gym much either. A swim here and there and a couple days in the weight room but no schedule and I don't do well without a workout schedule. I thought I would be thrilled after such a huge training commitment for Pac Crest, but this kind of blows.

Lots of cleaning and painting to do today and then I think after this weekend's festivities I'll sit down and dedicate some time to working on a workout schedule and pick some more events. Definitely some triathlons and maybe some new stuff, too.


Well Behaved Krissy said...

seriously, your dad is AMAZING!

Julie said...

He's pretty cool!