Saturday, September 20, 2008

Goal Times

These medals have been hanging in my closet behind my jammies so I pulled them out the other day when I was contemplating what they mean to me. First, I'm not that competitive, so finishing first is not motivated in trying to be better or faster than someone else (usually) but I have this strong feeling of not having done MY best - particularly in training for these events.
I've set some time goals for each of the above: The Portland Marathon '09, Blue Lake Olympic Tri and Pac Crest 1/2 Ironman as well as the soonest event, the Hagg Lake Mud Run.

Feb 2009 Hagg Lake Mud Run
Last Time: 3:08:54 (about a 12:20 pace) Sunny & mostly dry- a first for this usually brutally muddy course
Goal for 2009: 2:38:00 (about a 10:00 pace) Terrain could be very ugly this year.

June 2009 Blue Lake Olympic Tri
Last Time: 3:11:16
Goal for 2009: 2:40:00 (I will have a road bike this year so that in itself should help my time a lot)

June 2009 Pacific Crest 1/2 Ironman
Last Time: 8:54:36
Goal for 2009: 6:45:00

October 2009 Portland Marathon
Last Time: 4:25:42 I was actually pretty happy with this particular race and my improvements over '05, but disappointed with my time because I came in with a friend who was struggling.
Goal for 2009: 3:59:59 (or 3:50:00 to qualify for Boston - Not really a dream of mine, so I'll wait and see) I have said my next marathon will be a sub 4 so I want to do this prior to the Disney Marathon because I'm running with friends and would like to actually run WITH them and I don't have any idea what everyone's pace will be so I thought I would get this sub 4 dream out of the way before the 2010 Disney Marathon.

I'll add more races next year I'm sure. I really want to do the Hulaman(tri) in August and RACC(bike ride) again as well as a couple of swim only races - Hagg Lake and several others.


Melissa H said...

Hey, this friend has no problem with just meeting you at the end of the Disney! We don't have to pace together! In fact, I'll be thrilled to finish!! (and knowing that you're waiting at the finish line and already pushed through it will be great motivation!) Gosh, I'm getting teary just thinking about it!:-)
I put the same exact counter on my blog b/c it reminds me what I'm working towards with you!!

I love your medals. I know that you can do anything that you set your mind to do. You are amazing. :-)

Julie said...

NO WAY, MAN!! I don't particularly like running 26.2 miles so if I get a chance to run Disney with a friend, I'm ALL over it!