Saturday, October 4, 2008

Kiara Tackles the Trails - Trail #7 Angels Rest

Ki decided it was time for a new trail today before the snow arrives so we hit Angels Rest. It was really not the best day to hit this trail because the summit is all about the view on a nice day, but today it was rainy and cloudy and WINDY up there. Despite not having the best view that we could have had, it was a wonderful trail!!! It's all uphill so at the turnaround point it's all downhill... and downhill with a sled dog can be pretty funny (funny for the people seeing me being pulled to my death with no idea of where my feet will land next). It wasn't too muddy though, but I still managed to twist my ankle good. We hiked rather than ran up for the most part, more opportunity for talking with people for sure. The most interesting group was made up of 4 or 5 guys who told me they were Pavarotti's nephews and they were going to sing opera at the top. I waited around for them but they didn't show. Never ran into them on the way back down either, so either they all went over the edge or they wussed out before hitting the top.

It was a technically tough route because of Ki ~ So MANY rocks to trip on when being pulled on my leash...ahem...I mean her leash! That first pic is actually part of the trail towards the top of the climb.

The last two pics are Mai performing her new love ~ The Ballet. She is sooooo Mary Katherine Gallagher. It's really amazing to watch ;o)


Anonymous said...

Julie I just love your trail shots. I so want to come to where you are!!! Love the little princess pictures too!!!


Julie said...

I wish you were where I am, too! I need a hiking partner :o)

Well Behaved Krissy said...

One word... SUPERSTAR!