Sunday, January 11, 2009

10 MIles at Leif

I was planning on doing a longish ride this weekend but ended up running Ki 10 miles up at Leif again. The snow is ALL gone and all the fallen trees are chopped up and gone. It was warmer this weekend but drizzly, which I don't mind at all - I just don't like being cold. As you can see from the second pic, it was pretty foggy, too. First pic is Ki at our turn around point at the mile 5 marker. Leif is great because they have mile markers every 1/4 mile! I also like running there when I'm trying to add some mileage, because the first half of the run is up and the last half is down, so any added extra miles are downhill and easy. I couldn't believe how many mountain bikers there were today, but they were all respectful of the pup and I, so it was fine.

In the last pic, if you can see through the mud, you might notice that I tie my shoes funny. I start lacing them from the top and tie the bow at my toes. I learned this helpful hint too late for my first marathon (and suffered greatly for it) but it's been a lifesaver since then. There's a nerve that runs across the top of my foot, I guess - left one in particular. The knot of the bow starts to irritate it if I run over about 4 or 5 miles and it becomes unbearable. Now I just tie them at the toes and NO trouble! Your helpful hint for the day :o)

Tomorrow I help out at preschool. Wish me luck...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lacing tip! Have fun tomorrow.

Jessica said...

The lacing tip is awesome....I usually have to re-tie my shoes a BUNCH when we go for a long run cause I can never get that spot comfortable. Great tip!

Your doggie is so beautiful!

BIG TIME luck with preschool!


Julie said...

Awesome! Glad someone else can use the tip!

Workout done for the day, now it's on to the kidlets at preschool.

Melissa H said...

HOLY CRAP!! I looooove the lacing tip!! Gonna totally do that! I need to go get new shoes. I keep losing toenails. :-/

We need to sign up for the marathon!!! WHOOOOOP!!!!

Krissa said...

I saw some people at the Iron Man that had their shoes laced that way. I thought it might just feel tighter that way or something but I bet they had the same problem.

I love all the pictures you post.

Julie said...

Melissa ~
Does it fill up fast???