Saturday, January 10, 2009

'Cause I Know Who I Am

Some days are just easier than others. Those days seem to be the ones where I am at home and there is no one around to make my speech dry up to absolute boredom or feel like I'm the most under-dressed person around. Today had it's good and it's bad, but it's almost over and I'm almost to bed.

Tried sneaking out of the house this morning for my run without Ki seeing me. If she even spots one piece of running clothes - my shoes or tights or coat, she is on me like glue. At first I thought I was going to get away with it until I realized my iPod was downstairs and I had to walk right past the slider where she was staring in. Soooo, she went with me. Normally I like having her with me but sometimes I just want to be free of it all and just run. On the up side, about a mile in, she pooped right next to a garbage can so I didn't have to carry her poop bag for the remaining 4 miles! Life is Good!

Then Mai and I went to the Team in Training info meeting at the Lucky Lab and I am officially signed up to do it all over again :O) This blog will resume it's regularly scheduled triathlon blab almost immediately. First group training is on the 24th. I have decided that to keep myself on track better this year and hit ALL my group swims, all group rides and runs, and all daily workouts is to pledge to pay $20 out of my allowance each time I skip a workout. It's going to a good cause so that is not the painful part - what will hurt is that this is the only money I have to use to buy running clothes (old ones stink!), bike clothes (old ones stink!), cO2 cartridges, tubes, ear plugs, etc that I need for training. I will keep track of workouts on the sidebar and you will be able to see any and all "donations" I myself make on my TNT web page, which should be up tomorrow.

This evening we headed to church and there was this great line from one of the songs that totally talked to me tonight ~ yelled at my heart in fact:

'Cause I know who I am
is who You made,
so here I stand unafraid.

Got a couple other good quotes from Pastor Kip tonight:

We don't change when we see the light,
We change when we feel the heat. - unknown source

Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear. - Ambrose Redmoon


Jessica said...


Congrats on getting signed up again! Awesome! I can't wait to read your triathlon blab. The hubby is doing Ironman this year so I will be knee deep in the training myself but through him!


Julie said...

Thanks Jess :o)
Does your husband have a blog that I can follow?


Jessica said...

He DOES but it is self admittedly LAME although this morning I told him you were going to start following in and I am hoping that gets him more motivated. Right now it is just a log of his training which really hasn't ramped up yet but will definitely in the next few!

Link is:

He will be excited to know you stopped by!