Thursday, January 1, 2009

Love Your Life

I'm stealing a thought from Em's blog today to LOVE YOUR LIFE. I dare you all to make 2009 your best year and to remember that Life IS Good. Sometimes it throws us curve balls but it is what we make it. If we think life sucks, then it probably will. Please don't think life sucks. Please plaster a LIfe is Good Sticker to your forehead and everywhere else you can share it with others and HAVE A FREAKIN' GOOD FIRST DAY OF 2009!

2009 Mantra: Love your life! Life is good!

Happy New Year! YOU are in the position to make it your best year ever - we all are! Don't snicker at my New Year's high!! I'm serious here :-p


rockstarmom said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR GIRL!! And I couldn't have said to better myself..we all spend so much time bitching at what we don't have and not appreciating what we do! HAVE A ROCKSTAR 2009!!

Julie said...

Happy New Year, Paula!!!! I can't wait to see what it has in store for you!
You remember you have a blog, right? Let's hear what's going on!

QuilLight said...

Great thoughts, Julie! Life is good is one of my fave companies (love their gear). Attitude is everything, isn't it? Our family mantra for last year and this is "Choose joy!" So many other things grab our attention and want to sink us deep is doom: bitterness, resentment, pain, the world. So, Choose JOY!

Have a great year! Looks like you are off to a wonderful start.

Julie said...

Hi Deb :o)
HOW ARE YOU DOING?? I love it ~ Choose Joy! I'm listening to Joel Osteen and my own Pastor Kip this morning while I work and there are LOTS of great quotes from them I want to share/blog on, but here's a good one that we all know about, but is always a good reminder: What we meditate on is what will take root.
Your "Choose Joy" will take great root!

Kelly Olexa said...

Joel Osteen is the BEST isn't he? He so inspires me. Constantly.
Happy New Year Doll! So glad i found you in 08!!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR JULIE!!! I love your new year energy!!!! I have been feeling the same way and my one goal for 2009 is to FEEL fantastic. Forget about looks, and numbers, and that stoopid's all about FEELING it, LIVING it and BEING it!



QuilLight said...

I'm doing great! Baby is getting bigger and this Saturday we enter the third trimester. Has the weather subsided for you yet? We just have a sprinkling of snow left, some powder from last night and the plow piles on the side of the road.

We have discovered that choosing joy is opposed so when we want it we have to fight for it.

If you want someone else to listen to (Joel Osteen is great though), John Eldredge has some teachings on that are awesome. I even get a lot out of his blog.

Have a great new year! I'll be following you. :)

Julie said...

Happy New Year, Helen!!! Hope all is well with you!

Deb! 3rd trimester - WOW! How exciting for you guys.

Yes, the weather here is getting much better. I felt a bit trapped for over a week because I was afraid to drive up and down our hill and so pretty much had to rely on Steve. I was stuck at home with the kids for 7 straight days -YIKES!
We also got a dusting yesterday and they predicted another inch this a.m. but we didn't get it, so I think we're pretty much done for now. I love the snow, but that was a bit long to have it!

EM :) said...