Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More Tales From The Pool

Headed to the pool again last night. Figured I would wait until about 7:45pm to let the crowds ease up, but still had to park on the 3rd floor of the garage and the place was packed! Managed to get in about 3 laps before I made the mistake of smiling at Syd the realtor, and spent 15 minutes letting him try to figure out where he knew me from. I assured him I look much different without a swim cap and big goofy pink goggles, but he felt sure we had met before. Our conversation finally ended and I headed back out to be perturbed by the kids (and by kids I mean teenagers who should know better) in the pool. I karate chopped one only to have him splash water in my mouth when I came up for a breath on my way back by him again. Serves me right, I guess. He continued to get in my way so I poked him good in the butt and he finally left my lane.

Ended up with 1650 meters before heading home to bed.

Just finished a 20 minute BFL style HIIT on the treadmill and am in need of a shower and some food pronto.

Thanks for all your Mai prayers. Her headaches have been much better these last couple of days. She goes in for her MRI tomorrow morning.

Ok, off to clean up.


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that Mai's headaches have been better. I will be praying about the MRI tomorrow!

That would stink having teenagers in the pool. At our gym they are very strict with times for lap swim and open swim.

I have the problem of people stopping to talk to me at the gym too! Since I work there people are always asking me things. I don't mind but I'm on a mission right now and with kids and everything else I don't have much time!! But I don't want to be mean!

rockstarmom said...

Sending thoughts your way today about Mai..let us know..xoxoxo