Thursday, January 22, 2009

Train Endure Achieve Matter

(TEAM) Train. Endure. Achieve. Matter.
Those are the words on our TNT bracelets we wear all season. I can't believe it's starting already again.
Man, I love being up and on my way somewhere at Sunrise. Team in Training sure delivers a bunch of mornings like that. Starting Saturday, we are off and training.

Yesterday started very early at the gym. I was still picking sand out of my eyes as I wandered up the stairs to the weight room when I ran into a friend who usually works out later in the day and who I haven't seen in forever. It was good to catch up with him and I managed to wake up enough to do a decent upper body workout.

I headed back downstairs and ended up sharing the pool with a girl who did great in the Emerald Cup last year. I took a break in the middle of my swim to talk to her (I think I only ended up doing about 1350meters). She's competing in the Emerald Cup again this year and is focusing on winning and going to USA Nationals in Vegas in July. She's also training to do a couple of sprint triathlons while she's training for the Emerald so we talked tri talk a bit and I think we're going to try to ride together this weekend.

Mai's MRI was scheduled for 11:30 and she was to not eat at all and no water after 9:30. We got there early (dumb) and then they were running late and they didn't get her back until 1pm. I thought I would lose my mind with all of the "I'm hungry" and "how many more minutes?" while I was freaking out a bit about anesthesia. Anyways, they took her back and wouldn't let me be with her and she was so brave as I just watched her walk away down the hall in her little hospital jammies and bare feet with the nurse. They brought me into recovery to be with her as she woke up and that was a little scary for her and for me, but then she was awake and we made it home without her barfing and she was up and steady on her feet within the hour. Thanks for all your prayers ~ we should have the results by tomorrow afternoon and hopefully they are negative for anything and we can move on with figuring out the problem.

Our TNT Kick Off party was last night. Lots of coaches/captains/mentors dressed in purple hair and crazy outfits. Lots of familiar faces and many new faces as well. Looks like the team is smaller this year, but there are still several more weeks for people to join. I cried during the guest speaker as usual. Our honored teammate this year again is Natasha. She is a beautiful little girl battling leukemia. We almost lost her last year and was told that without a bone marrow transplant she was going to die. The chances of her getting a match were less than 5% due to different factors and if she got the transplant, the chances of it working were less than 3%!!! She is here with us again this season and in remission! Now, if that's not a miracle, I don't know what is.

Our other honored teammate is Julie. She is actually participating WITH US in our triathlon training and will be doing Pac Crest with us. What an honor to have her along side of us. I can't wait to get to know her better.

I got an e-mail from a teammate this morning with this signature line - I liked it as a reminder for the season when I start to worry too much about me and my training and my fears. It's not about me:
For all who live, for all who have lost their battle and for those who's battles are yet to come; Go Team!!


Melissa H said...

sitting at the chiropractor's ofc & saw their little slide about how headaches in chldren can be caused by misalignment & thought of you & Mai. Still praying. Lots of love.

Krissa said...

I got chills when you talked about your little girl going back for her MRI. I am sure that was very scary for both of you. I will be praying for you guys. It is always one of those cases where you WANT/PRAY it is negative but then again, you want an answer as to why she is getting such headaches!

I had cysts in my sinus cavities that gave me INSANE headaches. They eventually went away without surgery :)

I love all your training stories :)

Anna with Revolution said...

I had no idea! Weird that I insisted on taking a little time to catch up on my favorite blogs recently. Poor baby. I cant imagine her walking away. Sending prayers. Keep us posted please.


Visionquester said...

I could picture your daughter in her jammies... I've had my boy go in for tubes twice now and it's still scary when they put them under. Gotta stay calm though for the kiddos.


Jessica said...

Hey girl,

This was a great post...a balance of your training challenges and life's challenges. I am so glad to know she is ok and it is so wonderful to hear how much support you give her.

Lots of love coming your way!

QuilLight said...

I totally empathize with you, Julie. I'll never forget the times that my kids needed an MRI (Jake), tubes (both), eye surgeries (Jake), tonsils/adenoids (both).

Here's praying for good reults for Mai.

Kelly Olexa said...

Hey Sweets, I'm thinking of you and praying for you and your little are such a good momma.
;-) Keep the faith.