Wednesday, January 28, 2009


First, the important stuff ~ Mai's doctor called today and said she wants us to just observe Mai for a couple of weeks and then go from there. Mai had another good day today :o)

Today was our first group swim at the RAC. I love the RAC. Beautiful locker room, fresh towels - all you can use - lots of hair dryers, curling irons, the works. SO NICE.

So the start of drills for the year. I didn't do much in the way of drills last year - missed too many coached swims in the pool, but not this year. It felt awesome - definitely not as scary as my first day last year. I'll try to remember what we did ~ Coaches Jane and Lindsay eased us in with a

10 minute warm up,

8x50s, odd ones 60 kicking with a board, even ones long glide freestyle building speed to 75% while keeping good body position. Rest 15 sec.

1x200 pulling iwth the buoy. Relaxed stroke, press the chest into the water.

6x25s, 1 easy, one moderate, one fast. Rest 15 seconds in between each.

Warm-down, 5 minutes with bobs.

I think that was it, but that doesn't seem like much. Pretty easy breezy...which was fine at 6am! ...and I was home before the kids even woke up!

I hit the gym after Jack got out of school for some RT, 20 minutes on elliptical and then I put my suit on for the sauna and decided to swim for 20 minutes first. Sauna was nice and friendly today and I stayed in talking for 20 minutes - AWESOME!

Bike Workouts: 1/2
Run Workouts: 1/3
Swim Workouts: 2/2
Group Workouts: 1/2
RT Workouts: 1/3

11 mile run/hike Extra Credit
20 minutes elliptical Extra Credit
20 minutes in pool Extra Credit

Now I've got a big ol' glass of wine and it looks like I'm 1 minute late for AI and then Lost :o)


Susan said...

How much time do you schedule for your workouts? I'm not familiar with how your workouts are broken out (1/2, 1/3, 2/2...). You're the beast!

Julie said...

Good Morning, Susan :o)

Right now I'm listing my weekly workouts as follows ~
At the beginning of the week I list how many swim w/os, bike w/os and run w/os are on the schedule for the coming week: so they will all be 0/2 or 0/3 at the first listing and then as the week progresses and I do a swim workout it will look like this 1/2 (one of two workouts completed).
This is mostly just to keep me aware that I'm staying on schedule for the week and also because if I miss any, I have to donate $20 to my TNT fundraising webpage (to keep me accountable to getting in ALL my training this year!)

Generally my Resistance Training workouts are 45 minutes.
My weekend long bike rides and runs are at about an hour now and will progress to several hours in length.
Swims are at about 30-40 minutes now and will progress to over an hour.
My mid week bike and runs are much shorter.

Except for the weekends, my routine doesn't affect my family time. On Saturdays, the workouts are generally early starts so I'm home before noon and Sundays I work around our schedule.

Although it does look like a lot in the middle/end of the training season, it's really not bad at all. What I have noticed is that with training and bible study I DO feel like I am busy enough with work and "my" extras that I don't want to take any other time away from the family and so I'm re-evaluating my goal of getting certified in PT right now - I think it is way too much on my plate while training and really wouldn't be fair to the kids and Steve to take on so much at once right now.
I'll blog about that decision later.

Jessica said...

Hey girl!

Nice job on the swimming drills are more like swim for a lap and then try to breathe. :) I have heard that apparently I will love swimming when I am super preggers. Right now I am just minor preggers. :)


P.S. I really hope you enjoyed that glass of wine. I miss wine.