Friday, February 27, 2009

Do You Lift To Failure?

Do you lift to failure? Mai does! This was her second set, too. First set was perfection ;-)

PDL Day 3 is upon us :o)
Question To Consider: What would my family and friends say is the driving force of my life? What do I want it to be?

I will either come back to this tonight or tomorrow after some more reflection. So far these last 3 days have really been an incredible experience for me. I hope that all of you who are reading along are able to take some time each day to really get in into this all - to delve deep into what the heck we are doing in our lives right now. I have to thank God for my life that really does allow for me to step aside by myself and really get into the nitty gritty of this study. I think this time through the book is really going to be a different experience than ever before. Maybe I wasn't ready before, but I feel like I am more open to hearing what Pastor Warren is saying, more willing to be honest with myself and others.


Shellene said...

How cute Mai is!! Fixin' (totally a southern Alabama term!) to read day 4.

Julie said...

Good Morning Shellene! I'm just getting ready to read day 4 as well, but I wanted to get down some thoughts on from Day 3 first.

First, though - back to a sentence from a Day 2 re-read that really made me stop and think was "We discover that meaning and purpose only when we make God the reference point of our lives." Hm...Do I really ever do that? Probably not so much. Something to think about for sure.

Day 3 thoughts:
First off, I'll answer the QTC. I decided not to ask my family & frineds what they think my driving force is because I don't think I'm honest enough with them for them to really know.

I think my husband could tell me the answer I came up with, so I didn't even ask him - don't want to go there, because my driving force is not a discussion I want to get into with him. If this all sounds like I'm evading the answer, it is. It's something I really am not happy with and something that I don't think I've ever really stopped to think much about before.

I would say of the 5 things he lists, mine would fall under being driven by the need for approval. I would have totally balked at that previously but I'm really trying this time to make a change and I have to face the truths even if they make me uncomfortable.

I loved on page 31 where he writes, the bible says " able to do far more than we would ever dare to ask or EVEN DREAM OF - infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, or hopes."
No matter how desperate we feel about something, no matter how permanent the bad or sad situation seems, In God We Must Trust. He CAN do anything and I have to realize that it WILL all work out for His good. I have to trust Him...and I have to change my attitude while I wait.

I enjoyed the paragraph on Knowing your purpose simplifies your life. You simply ask "Does this activity help me fulfill one of God's purposes for my life?"

The more I reread through this chapter, the more I love it!
Page 32
"Knowing your purpose focuses your life. It concentrates your effort and energy on what's important. You become effective by being selective...
Henry Thoreau observed that people live lives of 'quiet desperation', but today a better description is aimless distraction." SO TRUE!!! This is definitely an area I get in trouble with and one of the reasons I have decided to give up most tv for Lent. I will continue to watch two shows that bring me some fun and joy and that I can watch and share with my family: Survivor - I love the challenges and the down and dirty living and Jack likes to watch it with me and I'll also keep American Idol because I love the music and Steve and I like to talk about the show together. All other mindless tv that I've been using for aimless distraction is OUT!

On page 33 there is a quote from George Bernard Shaw "This is the true joy of life: the being used up for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; being a force of nature instead of a feverish, selfish little clot of ailments and grievances, complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy." ahhhhhh - just what I've been doing the last 1/2 a year whenever I talk to my mom about this issue we've been having with a client. Whenever I get off the phone with her I realize what a whiner I am. grrrrr. I feel bad that I've put her through all my gripes. Steve has made it clear to me this week that I have a personality defect that I always have to be right, have the last word, get my way. I know he's right, but can you believe that for 41 years I've chalked it up to the fact that I AM ALWAYS RIGHT. My way or the highway. Lots of reflection done this week - EYE OPENING!!!!

Ok, I'm sure I could blah blah blah on and on, but what I really want to suggest to myself is to re-read this chapter again!! and really pay attention. It has already spoke volumes to me.

If you got this far in my comment, I hope you have a great day and are enjoying this study as much as I am :o)

Krissa said...

She is precious.

Shellene said...

That's so insightful, Julie. It's never unpleasant uncovering all that stuff, but always necessary. You are inspiring me to dig deeper.

Shellene said...

As to your comments on my blog, maybe we will do the same kind of things on opposite sides of the country. We could step out together.

Visionquester said...

She's so cute!!

Glad you are digging your PDL study. I have that book somewhere around here...


Julie said...

C- then you should dig it out...

Anonymous said...

Can't get enough of Mai. She is so cute!!
I too, didn't bother asking family and friends I already know what they would say my driving force is. Family, health, wellness and my hub would say (as did Steve) being RIGHT all the time. I can't help it if I am...he just needs to realize it and deal with it in my opinion!!!
What do I want my driving force to be? I know what the "right" answer is, I know that I always come back to this over and over again...but to be honest and answer the question as it is written (what do I WANT my driving force to be)...that is a tough one. I have been digging deep for this one and I'm having difficulty determining if it is a WANT or a SHOULD answer. If the answer (being living a God-centered life) was a WANT, a TRUE want...then why do I keep coming back to this. Why is it so difficult for me.
Then there are things that I think that I want...but is it really for the greater good? Is it His will? Or again, my selfish desires to be succeed...even though essentially I would be of service to others. The reasons I have done nothing to get close to this "want" is because of my fear of failure.
Man oh man...I'm just going in circles and have been for years!!! I am really hoping this 40 day journey puts me on the right path. I would LOVE to know my purpose...


Julie said...

Helen, I think we must all be just like you or we would already know the answer to this question - what is my purpose? The fact that you DO keep coming back to it is a positive. You are trying! You are not giving up!

I think for me, Serving Him, having a God Centered life is a true want, however, I never quite get there...I'm too easily sidetracked - it's HARD. Really Hard!!...and maybe I keep coming really close to getting it, understanding it, but I am giving up too easily. I don't know.