Thursday, February 26, 2009

PDL Day 2

Did you guys all have this picture in your house growing up? It totally takes me back to my childhood!

Ok, I'm busy, I'm frustrated, I need to work out and I know if I put this off, it just won't get on the blog today, so I'm answering the Day 1 Question and posting the Day 2 question (what did you guys all think of the Day 2 reading)?

QTC Day 1: In spite of all the advertising around me, how can I remind myself that life is really about living for God, not myself?
I thought about this a bit yesterday and then this morning it came to me. I need to memorize scripture. It is something I know some of you have heard me promise to do in the past, but my brain is swiss cheese the older I get and I tell myself there is no way I can memorize scripture, but during Lent, I am going to write down on paper the situations during my day that cause me to say screw it all, I'm going to be all about in my flesh and I'm going to find scripture that matches that particular situation and I'm going to memorize. Feel free to check on me periodically to find out what scriptures I've come up with.

On to ~
QTC Day 2: I know that God uniquely created me. What areas of my personality, background, and physical appearance am I struggling to accept?

And on a side note, Helen, I had a very wierd PDL dream about you last night...
you are obviously in my thoughts ;o)

I should have some type of workout updates tomorrow. This week ends base training and I have a feeling things will be ramping up on the March calendar.


Shellene said...


I love the idea of memorizing scripture. Just this week I was thinking of buying a little spiral bound index card thingy and memorizing scripture again. Last year, I was so good at this, but it fell away. Funny how life does that. Every morning on the way to work, I would get out my index cards with scripture and say them out loud as I drove. You know, words have power and just hearing scripture out loud buries the words deep in your heart. I was training for a 1/2 marathon at the time so when it came to race day, I had all these awesome scriptures to get me through the race. Turns out, that race was such a success for me in the spiritual realm because God was right there with me! I'm buying my cards in the next two days and I'm beginning to do this again. My biggest spiritual mentor pushes this on me all the time. Great idea!

Julie said...

Shellene, I worked on finding some yesterday :-)

Ok ~ Day 2 QTC:
Right now, this day, this time in my life in particular I find it really hard to believe that He uniquely created me to be the way that I am. I feel like there is so much wrong about me that I'm having a hard time finding anything right. I find out more every day how my perception of myself has been way higher than the perception of me by those around me.
I'm at a turning point in my life again and I really want to make the right choice this time.

Lots of thinking still to do about Day 2.

Anonymous said...

I feel so vain and icky even having to answer these questions!!! My issues are self-image and by that I don't mean just body image (which is a biggie for me), but I also mean intelligence and social functioning. I am so afraid of failure in all aspects, that I would prefer to not be noticed than to do my best. What if my best is to fail...
Julie - didn't I just say this to you about my dream? I giggled when you told me your dream. You are my Sarayu!!! (from the Shack...remember???)
It's amazing the amount of stress and pressure I was feeling about this, I didn't want to answer this question...I figured everyone would have these powerful answers and i would be the dumby in the back corner!!! really is an aweful way to live. So totally self-absorbed and in such a NEGATIVE way.

Julie said...

Helen, we share some common self image issues about intelligence and social functioning. It's really uncomfortable to be in this mind of mine but if only we could see inside the minds of everyone, I'm sure each and every person has issues that we do not know about and might not guess about.

I think of the saying "the grass is always greener" in the way that you never know what another person is going through, never know their hang-ups and fears and faults until you walk in their shoes. You and I are among many many who are uncomfortable and we shouldn't feel alone or weird to have these hang ups ~ Because of them, we might just see life differently and be able to work differently or be more effective in our work here.