Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm a Dirty Girl

Wow, finally got back at it today with a ride this morning (61 minutes) and a run tonight (43 miniutes). I lucked out this week in that it was a pretty easy base week. My cold is still lingering but Jack and Mai are both feeling well finally!!!

I bought a bright bike jacket at a sweet REI new year clearance last month and got to try it out in the rain today. I can't believe I rode all last year in mostly black- SO DUMB to blend in with the roads like that. Jack snapped a pic or two of me, but I swear I was much dirtier than I look in these pics. My entire face was a big mud spatter. I think it's so fun to get that sweaty and dirty while working out.
Holy cow, speaking of dirt, I can't believe how dirty that fridge vent is.

Tomorrow we ride out at Sauvie Island and need to be prepared for a practice flat tire. I'm not even sure I have spare cartridges so I hope I don't get put on the spot.
Need to run tomorrow, too, in order to keep my deal of not skipping any training. Yet another kid birthday party, and I promised poor Kiwi a long hike tomorrow. Hope church is an exciting topic or I might just fall asleep in my chair by that time of night.


Visionquester said...

Holy calves!

Anonymous said...

Great attention getting title :0

Julie said...

haha, Gina.
I didn't get too many responses to My Fave Bible Story (and I wish I get some more of people's favorites) so I thought I would take the opposite route in title-making this time ;o)
I wonder how many pervs I'll get linked up to my blog now...

Cynthia - I am rarely happy with my calves - I think because I have such a hard time working them out without getting cramps in my feet, but I love my tibialis anterior when I flex it - pretty :o)

Jessica said...

Your legs look fantastic in general - calves included! :)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE getting dirty on a mountain bike. Jody and I will go do a two hour bike and my favorite part is taking off my socks to see the line!! :)


Krissa said...

You are too funny about the vent. No one would have noticed. :)

I am glad you got some brighter colors this year.

Krissa said...

Oh, is that your training calendar on the fridge? I am sure you are super organized.