Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pirates and Fairies

Coach Dano giving a bike clinic after our ride.

Mai and her BFF.

Mai and one of the dozens of mounted animals in this house. It was crazy. I've never seen a bear's claws that up close and personal before - they would rip you to shreds!

Mai and Jack

Jack walking the plank.

Yesterday started bright and early out at Sauvie Island. We had a 60 minute ride on the schedule, so once around the island and some change. I'm still looking for a road bike so it will be interesting to see what I can do this loop in next time on a new bike, but I managed to keep up with part of the group pretty well...with a little more effort than them, so my L2 ride was definitely an L2+. I ended up with 17:04 miles in 1:11:15 with an average spped of 14.3mph. For those of you who don't know...that is sssssssssllllllllooooooowwwwwww.

I got to try out some gels that Michele and Johan made themselves. It was sooo good - very salty lime flavored. They're going to have a gel making class one evening. It's a lot cheaper to make it yourself and I would love to save the $$$.

After the ride, Coach Dano put on a tire changing and shifting clinic which was hilarious, as usual. Bunch of funny pants our coaches are!

Made it home and Steve left to go riding and I realized the only chance I was going to get to do my run was right then and there so I ran on the treadmill with the kids watching and harassing me that it was their turn, that I was going too slow, etc. Once we all got our runs in, we hit the showers and off to the best 5 y/o birthday party I've ever been to. It was a pirates and fairies theme and every kid had their own costume. The boys in full get-up with hook hands, eye patches and swords and the girls with wings and sparkly tiaras and magic wands. Even the little babies that were there got to dress up just like the big girls. It was a magical party. The house was decorated in total pirate theme, too. Skeletons and jewels falling out of treasure chests on the tables and gold coins all over the place. Out on the deck was the pirate ship with a plank that each kid had to walk.

This house is amazing, too. It sits up on a hill with a fantastic view of Mt. Hood and it's my very favorite Christmas light house every December. He's a big time hunter and the house is full of mounted animals. Not necessarily my thing, but it was very cool to see all the animals up close. It kind of had a wide open spaced log cabin feel to the house. Spacious with incredibly high vaulted ceilings. Made my house feel like a cave.

Got home in time to eat a quick meal and off to church. I was right...I was beat. Yawning in church. tsk. tsk....but managed to get my second wind when I got home and saw that The Notebook was starting. Ryan Gosling...yum. I. LOVE. THAT. MOVIE!

ok, workouts for the week ALL got done:
Swim: 2/2
Bike: 2/2
Run: 2/2
Group Workouts: 2/2
No extra credit or RT this week, though. I think we are all close to being 100% healthy so I should be able to get it all worked in this week.


Kelly Olexa said...

HOLLA!! ;-) You are such the all-sport chick aren't you? I'm so boring and do the same thing all the time. Sigh. ;-)

Have a great week honey!

Anna with Revolution said...

Great job getting all tose wo in. Committed thing you are!

Julie said...

Hi Kelly ~
I'm so not into boring anymore ;o)

Life's too short to not enjoy it all!

Anna - thanks - it was silly to put all my workouts into the end of the week, but that's just how it worked out this time. I only got them all done because of the accountability I'm getting from all you guys!

Jessica said...

Hey girl....catching up on your's been nutty over on my side of the world and I have been bad at reading.

Anyway, the pirates and fairies party sounds awesome! I can't wait to throw parties for our kids.....makes me smile.

As for your 17 MPH bike, I don't think its slow....its not speedy gonzales but slow and steady as you know is often the best way to get through a tri versus just bonking. :) I am just sayin.