Monday, February 16, 2009

Last Week's Catch-up

Time to catch up...and time to sleep in. The kids spent the night at the grandparents last night. Aside from when we are on vacation, they have never slept apart from us before. It felt kind of weird, but good - I actually slept in until 8:30!! Now I've got my coffee and I need to wake up so I can get to work.

Last week went well considering my cold still lingers. It's actually all in my nose right now. I simply can't breath right. I went to a bike clinic on Tuesday at REI and I realized that I was sitting there with my mouth hanging open trying to get a breath and I must have looked incredibly intelligent.

I got in most of my workouts, but if you go to my TNT Blog, you will see I have made a donation of $40. I won't go into all my excuses as they are not sufficient. People fighting cancer don't get to skip their treatment just because they don't feel well. I do not get to skip workouts while I am fighting to raise money for cancer research. Simple as that.
To read about my Saturday group bike ride click HERE AND SCROLL DOWN TO 15FEB09

Here's how my week turned out:
Bike 2/2
Swim 2/2
Run 0/2
Group Workouts 2/2

RT: 0/2
Extra credit ~ 1 swim

Yesterday was bright and beautiful and cold and I decided the kids needed a hike out in the fresh air and Steve actually decided to join us, which made the kids so happy! We just went to Powell Butte because it is close. It doesn't look so great in the winter, as you can see from the picture above (although Hood looked great!), but once you get into the trees on the Elderberry Trail it gets a little better. I think Steve actually enjoyed it enough to head out with us again once the weather turns nicer. Maybe we'll get him camping and fishing with us this Summer, too! It would mean so much to the kids and I to have him along on our excursions into nature.


Anonymous said...

Hey Julie,

I hope your cold is getting better. It is so hard to swim with a cold (at least for me!) There is an indoor triathlon at our gym next weekend, I'm thinking about doing it just for fun. We'll see. I love reading about your training!

I keep forgetting to tell you too, that I am going to read through the Purpose Driven Life with you guys. The first time I read it was actually when I was training for my 1st show. I did it with a group at church. I'm excited to read through it again!

Shellene said...


Thanks for stopping by! I pulled my Purpose Driven Life out of storage last night and glad to say the hubby is going to do it with me. Thanks for the inspiration!


Julie said...

Hi Abby ~
I'm actually starting to feel better from my cold today!! Hooray! Today's group swim went swimmingly :o)

I'm so glad you're reading along!

You, too, Shellene.
I wish my hubs would read it with me. I am sure you are so grateful that you can share this part of your life with your mate. I long for this aspect of our marriage to grow.

Jessica said...

Man, your hikes sound so amazing!! I am jealous! And it sounds like you got over your cold pretty quickly - I always prefer working out at my house when I have a cold...cause I have so much snot - I am constantly blowing my nose, etc.
Hope you are well!