Friday, March 6, 2009

I had a really weird day yesterday. Started out great but by noon I had worked myself into a frenzy over some business stuff. I finally decided to take Ki out for a run in the rain to relieve some stress and about 2 blocks into it, I ended up not running, hyperventilating and crying. I couldn't shake it - didn't want to shake it, really. Why do I like to wallow in this crap?

Right now, I know there are several things culminating in me learning a huge lesson and this business stuff is part of it. I just wish I could figure out this life lesson sooner rather than later - it's really driving me nuts.

The day got a little funnier when Jack got home from school and said he told his friend, Grace, how old I was. Grace replied, "shouldn't she be dead by now?" HAHAHAHA!

Then I went to the grocery store and a checker waved me down to come to her line. She had heard Mai complaining the other day that she wanted me to replace a particular candy bar that Safeway doesn't carry. The day of Mai's MRI, I let her pick out a candy bar at the gift shop for after her procedure, but during the procedure they told me she couldn't eat for several hours after we left the hospital and so when I got ravenously hungry and didn't want to leave the area in case they called me for her, I ate the candy bar. Bad move. I'm sure she'll never forget the time her mom stole her candy bar.

So anyways, the checker hears us talking the other night and asks what kind of candy bar it was and then last night she hands me the candy bar and says she found it for us at Walgreen's. What kind of person does stuff like this? I love her! Made Mai's night! I might be forgiven now...
we'll see if she brings it up when she's a teenager.

Then a while later, two young men knocked on my door. I still don't know what church they were with, but for the first time in my life I decided to invite "them" in for a quick minute. Who are they, these people who go door to door? A hardy bunch I would imagine as there are so many unfriendly or just plain worn out people behind many doors, don't you think? It's tough to get home from work, get dinner on the table, try to pay attention to your kids and then have a stranger knocking at your door. It feels intrusive doesn't it?

But, what can I lose at this point - my day has been pretty disturbing for the most part, so I opened my door wide. They were very pleasant, surprised I invited them in, and they asked me a few questions, prayed over me and my house and departed. I don't know if they were sent to my door to pray for me and that's why it only took a few short minutes or if it was my dog taking turns punching each of them in the johnson while they talked to me, but they left pretty darn quick ;o) Poor kids.

Are you guys all keeping tabs on the Arnold? All those old thoughts of doing a comp end up buzzing around in my head at times like this. Can't wait for more pictures to be up.

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Jessica said...

I also hope you are able to get to the bottom of what is bothering you...I have often had similar experiences...I always find that I will be watching Oprah or eating (something about eating makes me emotional if I am already sad) and I will just start crying and crying. Later, I will figure out what is bothering me. But it usually takes awhile.

That checker is SO sweet. And you know what is so wonderful about someone who does those kinds of things??? It made HER night too - she was just as touched and happy by her own generosity as Mai was. Paying it forward...such a good thing. And you did it later by letting those boys in. :)