Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend Group Run

Happy Sunday!! Yesterday started the weekend off right! I was hating life - major PMS and all that goes along with it and Mai absolutely HAD. TO. HAVE. ME. FIGURE. OUT. HOW. TO. SET. UP. HER. AMERICAN. IDOL. TV. GAME....
So after an hour of me muttering naughty words under my breath with the kids underfoot, I finally got it in working order and got myself out the door, running late for my run. I almost bagged it. It started pouring down rain on my way to the meeting place and I was in such pain! and when I got there, not a parking spot to be found. By the time I got parked and ran back to the park, I figured they would have all taken off, but to my surprise everyone was still there :o)
I missed this run last year and for some reason I thought it was going to be a flat run. Wrong.
But with people beside you talking away, the hills seem less nasty and the time flies by. 80 minutes later we were back at the park. You can read the rest HERE

Picture above is our honored teammate, Natasha. As you read on my TNT blog, she is back in the hospital. Please keep this beautiful little girl in your prayers.


Kelly Olexa said...

What a beautiful picture. You're awesome. ;-) KO

Jessica said...

I will absolutely keep Natasha in my prayers....she is absolutely precious.

So glad you got your run were probably all bunged up and then once you hit that pavement with a good group of people, your attitude turned right around. I once did a 5k in Dallas and I was by myself, lost and very late. I almost gave up and some how ended up finding the race. I ended up getting 1st in my age group and winning a really cool gym bag stuffed with awesome stuff - proved to me to never give up! You never know what the reward might be!

Have a great Sunday Julie!

Julie said...

Hi Kelly :o)

What an awesome story about not giving up, Jess! Love it!