Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jack's Torture Machine


I'm sore.
A lot.
I make my poor little children walk on my back daily. Don't get me wrong, they enjoy doing it, for about a minute.
I like them to do it for about 10 minutes. Then when they get tired of that, I make them karate chop me and punch my back. They like this for about a minute also. I need about 6 more kids to rotate through.

Alas, Jack has solved the problem. He got his engineer's brain working yesterday and created the above machine. He figures that some rope, wood, glue, and some metal should be all he needs to turn his design into an actual working creation.

Do you see him at the rope controllers? There's ol' me on the left getting the beat down. I love that kid!!


Anonymous said...

That picture is SOOO cute! That's too funny, my kids were all rubbing my back last night. They were fighting over who had to do my feet, lol! You could always bribe them to go longer than a minute, that's what I do :)

Hey how are your shin splints doing?

Melissa H said...

Nothing Freudian there. ;-)