Monday, June 1, 2009

Purim Prep

Our latest Beth Moore bible study "Esther" ended last week. It was a great study!! Ask me anything about Esther :o)
The book read like a dramatic novel!! In fact, it has been made into a piece of fiction called "Hadassah - One Night With the King" which I am currently reading. It has also been made into a movie, which our group will be watching tomorrow after we feast! We are having our own Feast of Purim at the church and we are all bringing homemade Hebrew food. I am in charge of the Shirazi Salad, which I chopped and chopped and chopped this morning over at Debby's house. The girls played outside while I chopped veggies and while Debby managed to create two entire main dishes while I tried not to cut off a finger chopping cukes. She's definitely a good cook and I can't wait to taste her final products.

I am sad to see this study end, but Debby and Lori have seen to it that we'll have small groups meeting this summer for 4 weeks to do a shorter Beth Moore study "Loving Well" in homes rather than the church. They'll be small groups of 5 or 6 and the study sounds so good!! I can't wait to meet my group and get going. I love that I don't have to wait until Fall to have a good group study again. I'm also dedicating this Summer to A Wife After God's Own Heart and a Mom After God's Own Heart on my own.

So, it's 'bout time to hit the road for a "hot run" and then our first swim at "the pond" tonight. Klineline pond will always be my favorite over Vancouver Lake. Small, protected, warm...

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