Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It Shore Ain't Easy Being This Sophisticamated

When you have a week of 100+ days, you make do :o)
When the mop bucket got too small, Steve pulled out the wheelbarrow for us to swim in ;-)
When you bust three slip 'n slides - no problem - hook them all together for a super ride of your life ~ We were SAILING down that hill!


QuilLight said...

Love the pics. The boys and I are hanging in the garage/office/playroom where we have an a/c. Stay cool!

Julie said...

Hi Deb! You stay cool, too!!
I just saw on facebook, a friend has her two kids in their swimsuits in the bathtub and she's thinking about joining them!!
I'm staying cool in my office with the AC blasting, but Mai just said she wants to slip n slide so I might just take a little break for some hot fun!