Sunday, July 26, 2009


What a day to celebrate a couple of kids' birthdays!! HOT HOT HOT!! We started the day with Grammy and Grampy's very fun selection and well received gifts, however, I HAD to post the pic of Mai opening the underwear. We specifically went over last night before bed how they were to respond when opening gifts - EVEN underwear ;-)
She obviously took a minute before remembering her instructions but eventually yelled out "I LOVE THEM" or something silly like that. We met up with more family at the park and had to start off the picnic with a Super Lemon stand-off - as you can see, Katie was in massive pain. The kids tried to stay cool in the sprinklers but it was so hot out the candles fell over in the cake as the frosting melted away from them. We finally made it home one kid more than we started with and the three blondies had Daddy set up the new slip 'n slide for some fun before moving indoors to stay cool while playing Guitar Hero. A bunch of rockers on my hand, I tell ya.

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