Monday, August 24, 2009

Wedding, Winery, and Waterfalls...oh and Cock Rock

Another weekend full of the great outdoors :-)
Saturday, Steve and I went to my cousin's commitment ceremony out in wine country at La Bastide at Domaine Margelle Vineyard. What a perfect place for a wedding!! It was an outdoor evening wedding and we got to see the sun setting over the vineyards - beautiful!!

Yesterday the kids and I headed to The Gorge for two more falls. I know in the pictures, poor Jack looks bald, that's 'cause he is. I decided to try out the 1/8" setting on the clippers - OH MY!

We started at Wahclella Falls. I forgot my forest pass and we had to pay $5 and I was sure hoping it was going to be worth the fee - and it TOTALLY was!! One of my favorite waterfalls of the Summer. The hike in was terrificly beautiful through the canyon and once we got to the waterfall, it was fantastic (my pictures do not do it justice) and the best part was all the massive area below the falls where we could eat lunch and play. I love the blurry pic of Mai where I caught her mid-jump. The kids loved, loved, loved it!

Then we headed to Latourell Falls but I somehow got off the old HWY and onto 84, so we stopped in at Rooster Rock Park for some fun at the playground and on the pier out to the Columbia. Cock Rock was noted by Lewis and Clark back in 1805, but the name was later changed to Rooster Rock so as not to offend the genteel public :o)
There's a nude beach there, too, but we didn't see anyone out - the kids would have thought that was pretty funny!

We headed back up the hwy to find Latourell Falls and it was a blast, too. A man died there several weeks ago, falling 250 feet to his death. I guess he was trying to get a better picture of the falls - how awful! We stayed on the GROUND FLOOR of this waterfall and it was as safe as could be for the kids. A quick hike in and we went right up as close as we could and got blasted and wet. Then we followed the trail a bit further to a picnic area for a snack before heading back home. It was a fantastic day! I have so many waterfalls I want to return to this Winter when there is more water or freezing. This has been such a fun project this summer! Next Summer we're thinking "Beaches"!!

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Melissa H said...

I am so envious of your waterfall quest! I miss the falls up in NY. Living vicariously. :-)

135 days!!!!!!