Thursday, October 22, 2009

Paint Everywhere

Paint on the kids' hair...

Looks like she drank some, too. That's ok...her Daddy was giving her a Crystal Lite weave. The back was SO pink! She was so happy to head to school to show all her li'l pink luv'n BFFs.

Paint on the rocks...

The kids had so much fun picking out the perfect rocks down at the river. Mai found her "hamburger" rock. Lots of little bug rocks and some car rocks. Daddy started them with fish rocks found in our backyard. A whole weekend PLUS a couple of days of fun just from one library book Jack picked out on Friday - a children's book of rock painting.

1 comment:

Melissa H said...

I want to live at your house. Mom and Dad are obviously the coolest EVER.

(btw, thanks for the encouragement! I'll try not to bite off all of my finally grown and manicured nails tonight!)