Sunday, November 1, 2009

Classic Jack

Clips from Mai's last soccer game (she's wearing long black sleeves) and some Classic Jack (NOT Classy Jack, "Classic Jack"). My favorite parts of Mai's video are the first clip where she throws the ball in to herself to score a point. Also at 32 seconds or so when she puts a boy down...down to the ground.


Krissa said...

She is too cute. Soccor is a rough sport!!! I cant wait to be a soccor mom.

Melissa H said...

I see that the rule "off sides" doesn't apply at this age. LOL!

What a great video of BOTH of your kids, capturing their personalities!

I think MY favorite part of the video are Mai's walking lunges at the beginning. I replayed that 3 times. :-)

Julie said...

Melissa - that was actually a dance she made up at the beginning. It's totally funny to see the whole thing! She's got moves like her mama ;o)